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'Westworld' Shooting Locations Destroyed in California Wildfires

The Paramount Ranch, home to 90 years of film and TV Westerns, was a victim of the latest round of wildfires.


Save FilmStruck Petition Nears 50,000 Signatures

But will it be enough to preserve the classic film streaming service?


'The Grinch' Understands the Meaning of Christmas, But Not the Meaning of the Grinch

The latest version of the Dr. Seuss classic gets the meaning of Christmas, but not the meaning of its title character.


An 'Orange Is the New Black' Sequel Series Is Under Discussion

An ‘Orange Is the New Black’ sequel series? It could happen.


Tom Hiddleston's Loki Is Getting a TV Series on Disney's Streaming Service

Everyone’s favorite god of mischief will headline his very own TV show on Disney’s new streaming platform.


Diego Luna's 'Rogue One' Character Will Get His Own Series on Disney's Streaming Service

Cassian Andor will star in a new ‘Star Wars’ series for Disney’s new streaming service.

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Critics Aren't Feeling the Magic of 'Fantastic Beasts: The Crimes of Grindelwald'

“The true crime of Grindelwald was wasting the audience’s time.” OUCH.


'Avengers 4' Is Three Hours Long (For Now)

(For now. The Russo brothers are still editing it.)


Report: Jeremy Irons Will Play Old Ozymandias on HBO's 'Watchmen'

Irons will play an older version of the character that we first saw in Zack Snyder’s movie.


'Frozen 2' Will Have At Least Seven New Songs, Take the Characters 'Far Out of Arendelle'

Co-director Jennifer Lee also revealed in a new interview that the film will take Elsa and Anna “far out of.. Read more


'Pacific Rim' Is Getting a Netflix Anime Series

Jaegers and kaiju will brawl in animation for Netflix.


Andy Serkis' 'Mowgli' Is Now Opening This Month — Here's the Trailer

Watch the new trailer for Serkis’ long-in-the-works reimagining of ‘The Jungle Book.’

20th Century Fox

Taron Egerton Won't Appear in 'Kingsman 3'

Well this throws all your fan theories for Kingsman 3 right out the window. The sequel is supposed to come out next.. Read more


A 'Shrek' Reboot Is a Bad Idea

Everyone loves animation’s number one ogre. So why do we need to reboot the franchise?

Warner Bros.

Jason Momoa Goes Full Orange and Green 'Aquaman' in New Character Posters

No doubt about it: Jason Momoa will wear that classic orange-and-green Aquaman costume in his solo film.

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